Friday, April 18, 2008

David J Condry

David J Condry
Freelance Illustrator
508 878 4870

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Anonymous said...

Funny image, and nice handling of textures! I like the colors of the sky and the trees. The sky feels a little cluttered to me-- the stars fill all of the blank space, and by using the graphic "star" shape, rather than dots, you're pulling the viewer away from what I think is the main idea--a semi-realistic "normal" scene, but with fantastic bulb-flies.

Also, look at the relative sizes of the biggest bulb-fly, the net and the moon--they're almost the same. By making them visually equal, you lose some impact.

I understand the exaggeration of the receding leg, but I don't quite believe the exaggeration of the upper hand--the two are on a similar plane. If, however, the boy were netting the largest bulb-fly, with the net clearly coming out toward the viewer rather than sort of sideways, the larger hand would feel more convincing to me.

Nice work, though!